Welcome to FlexiSchool

Times have changed but your child still needs education.
FlexiSchool adapts to your needs.


Normal School
(Face to face)

Attend face to face classes at our physical address, during school hours.

Online/Home School
Available 24/7 via internet

Progress at your own pace in your own space.
Our online program is available on any device with connection to the internet.

Normal/Online School Combo

Combine our online program with normal face to face classes.

Grades and Courses


Our Elementary division covers all Grade 0 - Grade 3 work, on a national and international level.


Our Junior division covers all Grade 4 and Grade 5 work on a national and international level.


Our Senior division covers all Grade 6 and Grade 7 work on a national and international level.


We're only available at our physical address during normal school hours.
Our online contact remains available 24/7 via SMS, WhatsApp and e-mail.

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